Emergency Fire and Water Restoration

emergency fire and water restoration houston

Few disasters pose more of a threat to your property than fire and resulting water damage, which require emergency fire water restoration services. The first thing property owners should do after calling the fire department is to contact a professional disaster restoration company, namely Elite Emergency Solutions. A fire often delivers a one-, two- and even three-punch knockout as fire causes initial damage to a structure.

As high-pressure water is used to control the flames and put down the fire and smoldering embers, secondary damage is incurred in the form of accumulating water damage to the building from fire suppression efforts. Thirdly, this standing water continues to wear down and deteriorate the floors, walls and ceilings as long as the water is permitted to remain in the structure. There’s even a fourth consequence of neglecting repairs of a water-damaged property, and that is the growth of mold, which can ruin structures and is potentially dangerous to your health.

Act Quickly with Emergency Fire Water Restoration

The damage must be attended to expeditiously to mitigate the harm that can continue to grow if left—even for a short time. Certainly, an unfortunate event from fire and water damage can be a stressful, taxing and confusing time for property owners. Where do you start first? Restore your confidence and your property by contacting a company that can handle the full emergency fire water restoration process from beginning to end. This includes cleaning and storage of property, water abatement, drying, mitigation, mold remediation, demolition and tear down, and complete re-construction services to return your property to as-good or even better condition than it was before the disaster.

Experienced Professionals in the Restoration Process

The experienced first-rate professionals at Elite Emergency Solutions are ready to be dispatched to turn the disaster zone of an affected property back into a fresh, clean, livable and working property with our complete emergency fire water restoration process. We have the competence, expertise and proficiency to deal with the worst disasters nature can throw our way, including flash floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. We are members of professional restoration associations IICRC and RIA and highly rated on Angie’s List.

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